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A new Columbia Institute report, “Top Asks for Climate Action,” highlights how Canada can ramp up climate action by empowering low carbon communities. Local governments have a crucial role to play in combating climate change.

March 31 – April 1, 2017
Coast Plaza Hotel, 1763 Comox Street Vancouver BC

Scholarship Program

"I had a difficult time making the decision to leave the security of my job and return to school to study full-time. Initially, I returned to school part-time and continued to work and to raise my son as a single-parent.

Scholarship application deadlines:

        • David Podworny Memorial Scholarship - July 31
        • Dennis McGann Bursary - Aug 1
        • USW Lifelong Learning - June 30
        • USW, TWU National Loc 1944 Scholarship - Aug 1


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