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This Green House ll

March 2016 | The Columbia Institute | By Robert Duffy and Charley Beresford

“This Green House II” finds that widespread investments in the residential sector across Canada could mean slicing off about 4% percent of Canada’s emissions from energy use and 2.7% percent of Canada’s overall total emissions.

Beyond climate action, scaling up retrofits has a host of co-benefits: lower residential energy bills, increased home value, job creation and more comfortable, healthier homes.

A Federation of Canadian Municipalities report estimates that energy-efficiency retrofits generate up to 20 local jobs for every $1 million invested.

Pembina Green Jobs Map

December 2015 | Pembina Institute | Green Jobs BC | North Growth Foundation | The Pembina Foundation

The Pembina Institute interactive map quantifies the number of jobs in the province’s green-building sector and pinpoints where over 10,000 energy-efficient homes and buildings are located.

GreenJobs BC: Submission to the Province of British Columbia’s Climate Leadership Plan Discussion Paper

September 2015 | Green Jobs BC

In July 2015 the Provincial Government released the Climate Leadership Discussion Paper and asked British Columbians for their responses. Our submission focused on four areas: public transit, renewable energy generation, buildings and carbon tax.

Good Jobs, Clean Skies: Economic Growth and Greenhouse Gas Reduction in the Mayor's Council Transit Plan

March 2015 | By Blair Redlin and David Fairey

Metro Mayors’ Council plan for enhanced transportation infrastructure

March 2015 Green Jobs BC | Blue Green Canada

The impacts of global climate change are clearer by the day. Our dependence on fossil fuels must be reduced to meet targets in the Paris Agreement. The good news is we can do it by creating good, green jobs that also help build a just and prosperous economy for everyone. Transit, in particular, offer an immediate opportunity to create good jobs that reduce our environmental footprint.

Best Practices for Local Governments

March 2014 | Green Jobs BC

Policy recommendations for building a green economy including greening buildings, procurement, public transportation and green industry.

Moving Towards a Bold Green Jobs Plan for BC

January 2013 | Green Jobs BC

The Bold Green Jobs Plan resulted from a series of stakeholder forums, and a two-day conference, hosted by Green Jobs BC. The recommendations are a result of the discussions and on-line participation of more than 200 people from environmental organizations, labour unions, business, academia, and First Nations.

Jobs, Justice, Climate

September 2010 | By David Thompson and Robert Duffy

Policies to encourage energy efficiency retrofits in housing could create 8,200 to 13,200 person-years of employment (and more in institutional, commercial and industrial building upgrades). Those jobs could be created immediately, and in communities in BC. Read the full report prepared for the Jobs, Justice Climate conference in Vancouver, BC, September 10, 2010.

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