E-newsletter (August 2018)

Over the past year, we've had the opportunity to share commentary on public issues that shape our communities in the Columbia Institute blog, where contributors offer policy solutions and commentary on a range of issues. This month's Briefing Notes is dedicated to sharing blog posts from the past year. Read

E-newsletter (July 2018)

Our July e-news edition is packed with news on what's shaping our communities -  electoral reform, child poverty, schools & sustainability, greyhound cuts, tackling carbon and much more. Read

Our latest report: Public-Private Partnerships in BC: Update 2018

For almost two decades, many of BC's major public infrastructure projects have been built through public-private partnerships (P3s) in which private corporations fully or partially finance the projects and operate or maintain them through multi-decade contracts.

E-newsletter (May 2018)

Our May e-news edition features stories and updates on permanent residents getting the right to vote, banning plastic straws, women in politics, schools and sexual consent, green jobs, gender inclusive language and much more! Read

E-newsletter (March-April 2018)

Our March-April e-news edition features stories about an anti-racism campaign, maternity leave, supporting indigenous students, oil companies & climate action, a clean energy success story in Skidegate, banning plastics and much more! Read more


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