E-newsletter (February 2018)

This issue spotlights news on 2018 High Ground, the first Canadian indigenous affairs commissioner, new childcare space in BC, the status of Canada's Paris commitments, privatization myths, and much more. We also feature upcoming events, such as the premiere of Women Bending the Curve on Climate Change and our 2018 gala! Read full Briefing Notes

2017 Canada Infrastructure Bank and the Public's Right to Know

Columbia Institute's new report, Canada Infrastructure Bank and the Public’s Right to Know, examines the proposed Bank, and government legislation that prevents public access to information. The report also highlights concerns expressed by information commissioners and includes examples of how the Canadian government can do better.

2017 Jobs for Tomorrow: Canada’s Building Trades and Net Zero Emissions

The Columbia Institute released a landmark study: Jobs for Tomorrow - Canada’s Building Trades and Net Zero Emissions. Commissioned by Canada’s Building Trades Unions, this study explores the historic role of Canada’s construction industry and potential for low-carbon economy job growth as we celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary year. Meeting Canada’s climate goals could generate millions of jobs in the building trades by 2050.

2107 Columbia Institute releases report card on federal climate action

The 2017 Report Card, released by Columbia Institute's Centre for Civic Governance in June 2017, evaluates federal government action on the 2016 study Top Asks for Climate Action. To download the Report Card and the Top Asks for Climate Action report, click here.

Watch Now: Leadership in Transitioning Times

Environmental and social upheaval, shifting values and economies – amplified by new media and impacted by shrinking mainstream media resources – are changing the leadership landscape. At 2017 High Ground, our annual Centre for Civic Governance Forum, an impressive line-up of speakers reflected on our transitioning times. With Libby Davies (Social activist, former MP and Deputy Leader of the NDP), Josha Macnab (Director, Pembina Institute BC), Craig Suave (City Councillor of Montreal), and Stephanie Smith (President, BCGEU)


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