Top Asks for Climate Action: Ramping up low carbon communities

“Top Asks for Climate Action” highlights how Canada can ramp up climate action by empowering low carbon communities. Local governments have a crucial role to play in combating climate change. Their decisions directly or indirectly impact sixty percent of Canada’s energy consumption and more than fifty percent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Read more

Ontario, Nova Scotia blaze a path to fund energy efficient retrofits

"Climate Examiner," PICS Weekly Round-up, April 7, 2016 Energy-efficient home retrofits have taken off in Ontario and Nova Scotia as a result of small tweaks to legislation in the last five years. Read full article

Change to school-leaving certificates positive but lacks oversight

By Katie Hyslop, The Tyee, April 11, 2016 Around 60 Indigenous students set to get Evergreens instead of diplomas, violating new rules. Until this past February, any British Columbian student could be put on track towards a school-leaving certificate, also known as an Evergreen Certificate, instead of a high school diploma.

This Green House II in PICS News

PICSnews-Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, Winter 2016 A new PICS supported report from the Columbia Institute details the minor legislative changes needed to open doors for scaling up residential energy efficiency retrofits across Canada. The report, entitled 'This Green House II' provides a valuable summary of building energy efficiency policies and financing programs across the country, identifying what works and where the barriers are.

The Unsexy Climate Solution That's a Total No-Brainer

By Jimmy Thomson, DeSmogCanada, Wednesday, March 23, 2016


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