Sherry Lipp

Interim Office Administrator

Sherry Lipp, PMP, joined Columbia Institute in November 2019, taking on the term position of Office Administrator. Sherry began her career working in corporate securities in a Vancouver Law firm, first as administrative support and then as a securities paralegal. Eventually, she opened a paralegal business in Vancouver, providing services to lawyers and public companies. During this time she was lured to work with one of her clients and therein a career in business, operations and organizational project management began. Work over the next 15 years included setting up the operational and systems underpinnings for new companies. Sherry has been a key member of start-up teams launching more than five provincial and multi-location businesses/head-offices. Over the past six years, Sherry has provided independent consulting services, helping business owners of all kinds with their systems, business planning, budgeting, events, social media promotions, administration and website design.

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